Add a Presenter

1. Sign in as an Admin

2. Click Manage Presenters 

3. Select Create a New Presenter 

4. Enter the Presenter's first and last name

5. Click Create

Assign a Presenter to a Session 

1. In the Admin panel, click Manage Sessions

2. Below the session title, select Edit

3. In the Presenters section, select the presenter's name from the drop-down menu: 

4. Click Add > Save: 

Create a Speaker Bio 

Add a photo, professional background info, and more to a presenter's biography.   

1. In the Admin panel and click Manage Presenters

2. Below the Presenter's name, select Edit

3. Add the details you'd like to include, and click Save.

Use the details added to each presenters's biography to automatically create a Presenter Profile or Speaker Bio page