Note: You can also create and assign presenters using our bulk session import and update tools (via a spreadsheet).

Creating, editing, or removing presenters

From your administrative dashboard, choose "Manage Presenters".


All the tools you need for creating, editing, or removing presenters, will be available on the "Manage Presenters" screen..

Creating presenters

From the Manage Presenters screen, click the "Create a New Presenter" button.


Then add, minimally, a name for the presenter.


While you can add an optional job title for the presenter, please note that will not display anywhere at this time. Future enhancements will address this.

Editing presenters

To edit a presenter, click the "Edit" button beneath their name.


This will bring you back to a form that allows you to change the presenter's name or job title. Once done, don't forget to click "Save".

Removing presenters

To remove a presenter, click the "Remove" link beneath their name. This link is directly next to the "Edit" link.


You will have to confirm removal of the presenters before the action is completed.

Removing presenters also disassociates them from any linked sessions and polls.

Adding presenters to sessions

1. From the administrative dashboard, choose "Manage Sessions".

2. Select a session for which you would like to assign a presenter, and choose "Edit". 

3. On the session editing page, scroll down to the "Presenters" heading.


4. In the dropdown, find the presenter you would like to add for this session and click "Add". 

If you haven't yet created presenters who need to be assigned to this session, you will have to do so from the "Manage Presenters" screen mentioned earlier, before they will be available in this list.

5. Repeat for any presenters you would like to add.

6. Re-order the list of presenters by dragging and dropping.

6. Save the session by clicking "Save".