By marking a session as a Q&A Panel, session attendees will have the option to direct a question to a specific presenter instead of all the presenters.


Features of a Q&A Panel 

A Q&A panel in Conferences i/o allows attendees to direct a question toward a specific presenter during the panel discussion. As the attendee starts asking the question, a dropdown with all of the presenters assigned to the session will appear alongside an option for Anyone and Everyone.

After the question has been submitted, both the moderator and attendee views will show the name of the presenter next to the question, indicating to whom the question is asked. Questions without the presenter name are directed to the entire panel.

Administrators can identify which sessions are Q&A Panels by the label in the Manage Sessions area of the Admin panel. The presenters will also be displayed in this area for easy reference.

Mark Session as Q&A Panel

  1. Create a new or edit an existing session

  2. Check Yes, this Session is a Q&A Panel

  3. Add Presenters to the Session

  4. Click Save