One neat option with presenters is that you can create sessions that function as Q&A panels, in the sense that your audience will be able to select the panelist for whom a question is intended.

To enable this functionality, both of the following criteria must be true:

A. Two or more presenters be assigned to a session.

B. Session must be marked as a Q&A panel.

Here's how you can configure a session to use a Q&A panel using assigned presenters

1. Go to your administrative dashboard.

2. Click "Manage Sessions".

3. Find the session you would like to modify and click "Edit".

4. Check the Q&A panel option.


5. Save the session.

After saving, you will be redirected to your list of sessions, and from here you can confirm that the configuration was changed.


What the audience sees

Your audience will see the normal text field for asking a question, and they will see an additional set of choices for selecting a presenter to associate with their question.


Note: The "Anyone" choice is automatically generated, and the label is customizable by Conferences i/o Support if you would prefer it to be phrased another way.

Choosing a presenter is optional in that not selecting any choice will not prompt attendees with an error.

If a presenter is selected, both the moderator and attendees will be able to see this in the list of questions.


Questions that do not have a target presenter will appear without any kind of tag.

Exported spreadsheet data from your session will show target presenters alongside questions.