A significant benefit of configuring presenters for sessions is that you can configure session evaluation questions to be repeated for each presenter in a session.

For example, you might want to create a question titled "Rate this Presenter". If you have configured an evaluation question to be repeated, "Rate this Presenter" will be shown for each presenter assigned to a session.

To configure an evaluation question to be repeated for each presenter, check the "Multi-presenter" option when creating or editing an evaluation question.


After saving, you will see confirmation of the configuration change in the list of evaluation questions.


Note: If there are no presenters assigned to a session, the question will be shown just once.

Here is what attendees will see when they are responding to the session's evaluation questions.


Tip: Try enabling the "not applicable" option for multiple choice or rating-type evaluation questions. This allows attendees to skip presenters they may have missed if they walked in late or had to leave early.