When sessions are facilitated by more than one presenter the quality of audience feedback can be improved by asking attendees to evaluate each presenter separately in a session evaluation. 

Assign presenters to the session

1. Sign in as an Admin > In the App Administration window, select Manage Sessions

2. If creating a new session: Click Create a New Session 


    If updating an existing session: Below the title, select Edit 

3. Select YES under the Is this Session a Q&A Panel? heading: 


(For each presenter you’d like to add to the session)

4. Presenters: Click the arrow to expand the drop down menu > Select the presenter’s name from the list > Click Add:

5. Click Save

*Help! I don’t see the names of a presenter in the menu. Learn more

Format a new evaluation question or update the format of an existing question:

1. In the App Administration window, select Manage Evaluation Questions

2. To create a new question: Select Create New Question 

    To update an existing evaluation question: Select Update Question

3. Under Multi-Presenter, check the box for This question should be repeated for all of a session’s presenters:

4. Save Changes

Return to the Manage Evaluation Questions page to view the questions that'll be repeated for each presenter in a single session: