Sessions can be hidden from attendee access. There are many use cases in which an Admin might decide to hide a session(s). For example, an Admin may have recurring classes where they want to reuse poll questions. Instead of deleting an old session entirely, they can choose to hide it from attendees while their Conferences i/o app is used for another purpose. Admins may also want to hide sessions that are still being built, to ensure attendees don't see anything before the event date. You can also hide a session that might be confidential in nature, but you can share a direct link to that hidden session to designated users who will then be able to participate in it.


To hide a Session from an attendee, follow these simple steps:


1. Sign in as an Administrator


2. In the Admin settings, click 'Manage Sessions'


3. 'Edit' the session to be hidden. Scroll down the page until you find:

4. Check the box to hide the session

5. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the screen

Now that the session has been hidden, Admins will still have access to that session and an admin will still see it on their session schedule page (as seen in the image above). Polls and all other content inside a session can still be accessed by an Admin. The below image indicates the attendee perspective.