Presentation files with embedded Conferences i/o live content slides, when created with the first-generation Add-In, will not work with the second-generation Add-In (and vice-versa). For this reason, you may want to migrate these files to the second-generation Add-In.

Strategy A — Keep both versions installed

On most systems, you can run the first-generation and second-generation Add-Ins side by side.

That makes migration simple. Just have both versions of the Add-In installed, build new presentations using the second-generation's "Conferences i/o" ribbon, and eventually you will only have presentations built using the second-generation Add-In.

Just be careful about which "Insert Conferences i/o Slide" button you click. If it's under the "Insert" ribbon, you're using the first-generation insert action. So stick to the "Conferences i/o" ribbon.

Strategy B — Replace first-generation slides with second-generation slides

First, download and install the second-generation version of the Add-In, if you have not done so already.

If you would like to retire your use of the first-generation Add-In, then you may have presentation files that need to be converted to the second-generation Add-In in order to work.

Unfortunately, we do not have a tool to automate this process. So you will have to do so manually.

  1. Find the Conferences i/o session associated with the polls in your presentation.
  2. Navigate to the the "Add Live Content" page under Session Settings.
  3. Download this session's live content slides (using the instructions under "Method B" on this page).
  4. Open the downloaded PowerPoint file. 
  5. Copy/paste or drag/drop the new slides next to their appropriate locations in the file you are migrating.
  6. Remove the old Conferences i/o live content slide.
  7. Verify that the remaining slide has a "<cnf>" tag in its presenter notes, which confirms that it will work with the second-generation Add-In.

Note that you do not have to copy/paste all downloaded slides.

After you've migrated the new slides into your PowerPoint file, try running the slideshow to verify that they load correctly.

Remove the first-generation version 

When you're done migrating your presentation files, make sure you remove the first-generation version of our Add-In. The only tricky step here is identifying the correct program listing in the "Uninstall Program" screen.

The first-generation Add-In identifies itself as "Conferencesio PowerPoint Add-In" so make sure you uninstall only that version.