Customize how each poll will look and behave in a presentation. 


Edit Slide Configuration

  1. Sign into the session as Moderator
  2. Click Session Settings
  3. Click Add Live Content to Presentation Slides
  4. Below Slide Codes for this Session, find the poll and click Edit
  5. Select the desired configurations 

  6. Click Save

Change the Background Color/Theme of Slides

You'll notice that this same page allows you to choose between a Light Background or a Dark Background for the theme (background color) of the poll result slides. If you change the background color, the change should take effect immediately if you restart your PowerPoint slideshow.

On-screen Poll Behaviors

Show results while audience is voting

When running the presentation as a slideshow, the results will be immediately visible while attendees vote. You will see the results change in real time. 

NOTE: the choices will not initially appear until at least one audience response is received.

TIP: Seeing the results change in real-time is fun, but if you're trying to test audience knowledge (with a quiz type question) then seeing the initial responses may influence how the remainder of the audience votes. We don't recommend this option for quiz type questions.

Automatically start a countdown timer

Countdown timers allow a presenter to show an introduction to a poll before switching over to the results. As soon as the poll loads in the slideshow, the countdown timer will begin and attendees will be prompted to respond on their devices. After the timer expires, the poll will automatically close and the results will be displayed. 

Manually start a countdown timer

A manual timer is similar to our automatic timer, except that the countdown timer will not begin until the presenter advances to the next slide. This gives a presenter more flexibility on setting up the question for her audience. After attempting to advance, the countdown will begin and after expiring the results will become visible on-screen.

NOTE: the option for choosing length of time will only become visible after selecting this option.

Manually advance to results

When using the option to manually advance to results, the poll's introduction view will be visible while attendees vote, until the presenter attempts to advance the slide. Advancing will cause the poll to lock and the results to be immediately visible. This behavior is useful if presenters want complete flexibility in determining the length of time attendees can vote.

TIP: this is a popular option for a variety of use cases. It can work well in nearly any scenario as it gives the presenter full control on when to reveal the poll results.

Skip directly to results (no unlocking or voting)

Use Case #1 - if you have a poll question that you plan to manually unlock before your session so that the audience can vote at the leisure, but you'd like to reveal the results during the formal presentation, this is a great setting to use.

Use Case #2 - if you plan to use one of the other poll behaviors (e.g., a countdown timer) but later in the presentation, you have a helper who will adjust the poll behavior setting to this option, it can be an effective way to make a revisit to the poll results a better audience experience.

Show Poll Results in Slide

By default, the live content slide will display the results of the poll either automatically or when the presenter manually advances. To hide the results entirely, select No, Hide Results of Poll.

Show Live Count of Responses Before Results

This option can useful when a presenter would like to know how many audience members have responded before advancing to the poll results. The Live Count number is displayed in the lower corner of the live content slide.

Show the Question

This option displays the question during voting. It may be useful to disable the display if the results are resized in PowerPoint and there won't be sufficient space to display everything cleanly.