If you are already familiar with how "Slide Codes" work for embedding live content into Windows PowerPoint, you can simply find the game slide among other slide codes for a particular session.

1. If you haven't already, install the Windows PowerPoint Add-In to your computer. Instructions for downloading and installing can be found here.

2. Sign into your session as a moderator.

3. Click on "Session Settings" at the bottom of the Session Dashboard.

4. Click on "Add Live Content to  PowerPoint or Keynote Presentation".

5. Look for the "Team Battle" among the list of available live content slides.

6. Select and copy the "Slide Code" to the right of the "Team Battle" text.

7. Open your target PowerPoint presentation.

8. Click on the "Conferences i/o" ribbon.

9. Click on "Insert Conferences i/o Slide"

10. Paste the Slide Code you had copied in Step 6.

11. Click "Ok". A new slide will be inserted into the presentation.

12. If necessary, move the new Team Battle slide to the appropriate location in your presentation.

13. Test your presentation by running in slideshow mode.