Please note that all management of teams for Team Battle must be completed before the audience joins your Team Battle. Do not try to remove teams during a live Team Battle.


Create Teams for Team Battle

When creating teams, you can create them one at a time or you can use Bulk Edit to create many times at once. The Bulk Edit mode also features a color-picker tool to help with color selections for your teams.

Creating Teams One at a Time

  1. Join Team Battle as a Moderator

  2. Click Create New Team

  3. Add details for the team

    Note: You must enter values for Primary Color and Text Color. The Primary Color is the background color associated with the team, and the Text Color is the font color of the team's name. Colors can be added in HEX format, or RGB format.

  4. Click Create Team

  5. Confirm that the team is configured correctly under the Teams heading

Create Teams using Bulk Edit

  1. Join the Team Battle as a moderator

  2. Click Bulk Edit

  3. Add the desired Name, Primary Color, and Text Colors 

    Note: If you have more than 5 teams to create, the list will automatically give you new fields for additional team names as you begin typing in the last empty box.

  4. Click Save

Edit a Team in Team Battle

  1. Click Edit Team next to the team to edit

  2. Update the team's configuration

  3. Click Save Changes to Team

Remove a Team in Team Battle

  1. Click Edit Team next to the team to remove

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Remove This Team

  3. Click Yes, I confirm this action to confirm removal of the team