Before you can start adding quiz questions and teams into Team Battle, you must first activate Team Battle within your Conferences i/o session. You can also deactivate Team Battle later on in the same way.

Enabling Team Battle in a Session

1. Sign in as a moderator for the session you'd like to use Team Battle in.

2. Click on "Session Settings" at the bottom of the screen.

3. Click on "Enable/Disable Features".

4. Look for "Team Battle" in the list and if it is disabled, click the lock icon to activate in your session. You can also deactivate the game (after it's been enabled) by visiting this same screen and clicking the padlock to disable the feature.

Note: If you do not see Team Battle in the list, it means that Team Battle has not been enabled for your Conferences i/o URL. Please check our instructions on how to join the Team Battle closed beta.

5. Go back to your Session Dashboard and look for the "Join Team Battle" button.

Team Battle will remain active until you disable it again. 

Disabling Team Battle (Deactivating)

You can easily deactivate team battle by following the directions above, but when you click the padlock to enable team battle, it will instead disable the game. The padlock button is a toggle which will either enable or disable the game.

You can also disable the game from the Team Battle Moderator dashboard. On the dashboard page, look for the "Game Status" toggle, which when clicked, the game will be disabled.