This article describes the general workflow of Team Battle questions during a live Team Battle session. As you will see, we've kept the options fairly straightforward.

We've also produced a video walk-through:

(Optional) Advance to the Team Battle live content slide in your PowerPoint deck

Team Battle is more fun if the audience can see the scoreboard and questions up on the big screen, but technically this is optional.

Show interaction buttons by expanding a question.

Find the first question you'd like the audience to respond to, and click the "plus" icon to expand it and view interaction buttons.

Open Question

When you're ready to make this question available for the audience to respond to, click on "Open Question".

The projected version (open in PowerPoint) will automatically transition from the scoreboard to the question with a smooth animation.

As responses come in, you will see the live tallies update in the question box.

Show Correct Answer

When you are ready to close voting and show the question's correct answer, click on "Show Correct Answer".

Note that if you are using an automatic question timer, the question will automatically switch to this state without you having to click this button.

In PowerPoint, the question will automatically be updated to show the correct answer.

Score the Results

After showing the correct answer, the presenter might take a moment to discuss why that answer is correct. When she's ready to see how the teams performed, click on "Score the Results".

In PowerPoint, the screen will automatically switch back to the scoreboard, and the scores will update appropriately.

Rinse and Repeat!

Repeat that same process with your additional quiz questions by clicking to Open the Question; then Show the Correct Answer; followed by Score the Results.  

Reset Question

If you are just testing the question ahead of your live session, you can reset the responses and results by clicking "Reset Question".

Declare the Winner! (Optional)

When you're ready to display the winning team, click the option displayed entitled "Show the Winner On-Screen". Doing so will briefly display a message which starts "And the winner is..." followed by the winning team name.