Game Status

Game Status has two states: Disabled and Active.

When active, a button will be added to the Session Dashboard inviting attendees to join Team Battle.

Switching to "Disabled" will automatically send participants back to your session dashboard, and remove this button. If you want to re-activate later, you can only so do through "Enable/Disable Features" in "Session Settings".

Automatic Question Timer

Automatic Question Timer is a preset amount of time that questions will be available for responses, after a moderator has clicked "Open Question".  

Note that for the question timer to work, you must be using the projector-friendly live content slide in PowerPoint. A timer countdown will automatically appear, and when the countdown expires, the correct answer will automatically be shown to attendees.

When disabled, moderators must manually click "Show Correct Answer" to close responses.

This setting automatically saves when its value is changed, and you can adjust the value between questions.

Show the Winner

Clicking on this option will start the display of a message that begins with "And the winner is...", which will be followed by the winning team name. After you have clicked on this message, the link will show as "Return to the Leaderboard". If you click that, the screen will revert to the normal leaderboard display.