Conferences i/o Training Resources

Note: Most videos are hosted at YouTube. If you are blocked from
accessing YouTube content, look for the alternate ‘Vimeo’ link.

Administration Tasks / Setting Up Your App

Creating Sessions & Adding Presenters
(Vimeo link)

Managing Presenters (Speakers) 
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Working with Session Evaluations 
(Vimeo link)

How to Integrate with a Mobile Event App 
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For Presenters: Polling & PowerPoint Related Tutorials

How to Create Polls 
(Vimeo link)

How to Embed Polls into PowerPoint 

How to Test Poll Questions 
(Vimeo link)

How to Configure a Countdown Timer
and/or add “Manually Advance to Results”

Demo of Live Polling works within PowerPoint

 (Includes example of ‘Show results immediately’
and a poll with a Countdown Timer)
(Vimeo link)

Demo of Live Polling
with “Manually Advance to Results”
(Vimeo link)


Social Q&A Moderator

How to Moderate Social Q&A (video)

How to Moderate Social Q&A (slide deck)




Audience Instructional Videos



Direct Download Versions for above (MP4 files) 


Introducing Team Battle / How to Set it Up 
(Vimeo link)