For our structured guide that includes slides and videos, 
please see our Admin Getting Started Guide.

Note: Most videos are available on YouTube. If you are blocked from
accessing YouTube content, look for the alternate ‘Vimeo link'.

Administration Tasks / Setting Up Your App

Uploading PDF Files or Image Files into Your App



The following videos are targeted to speakers (presenters) and moderators. Please also see our written training guides.

For Presenters: Polling & PowerPoint Related Tutorials

How to Create Polls 
(Vimeo link)

How to Embed Polls into PowerPoint 

How to Test Poll Questions 
(Vimeo link)

How to Configure a Countdown Timer
and/or add “Manually Advance to Results”

Demo of Live Polling works within PowerPoint

 (Includes example of ‘Show results
immediately’ and a Countdown Timer)
(Vimeo link)

Demo of Live Polling
with “Manually Advance to Results”
(Vimeo link)

How to Create Several Polls Quickly with our Special Poll Creation Tool


Social Q&A Moderator

How to Moderate Social Q&A (video)

How to Moderate Social Q&A (slide deck)




Audience Instructional Videos


* Attendee Instructional Video (All 3 features)

* Attendee Instructional Video (Q&A + Polls) 

* Attendee Instructional Video (Social Q&A + Evals)

Direct Download Versions for above (MP4 files) 

Introducing Team Battle / How to Set it Up 
(Vimeo link)