Moderators can use sorting and filtering in Social Q&A to facilitate the process of reviewing and answering questions from the moderator view. 

Sorting Functionality

The "Sorted By" options allows you to sort by:

  • Upvotes (sorted by most upvotes; this is the default)
  • Newest First (new questions appear at the top of the list)
  • Oldest First (old questions appear at the top of the list)

Tips and Suggestions for Sorting

  • When you want to focus your attention on brand new questions being submitted, choose Newest First as your sort option.
  • When you prefer to have the list remain stable and to stop it from moving due to heavy up-voting activity, choose Oldest First.

Filtering Functionality

You can filter the list by:

  • All (show all questions; this is the default)
  • Saved (show questions saved with the heart icon)
  • Completed (show questions completed with the green checkmark icon)
  • Incomplete (show questions not completed with the green checkmark icon)
  • Unanswered (show questions without a moderator answer)
  • Presenter names (show questions asked to a specific presenter; available in Panel Q&A)

You can remove filtering by clicking the "X" icon.

Reminder: The attendee's view of questions on their smartphone will be unaffected by any sort or filter selection you choose as a moderator. Also, if you use the 'Live Content' slide to show Q&A inside of PowerPoint, it too will be unaffected by any sort or filter selections you make. And if you have additional moderators in a session, each moderator can independently choose their desired sort or filter options on their laptop or mobile device.

Pro Tip: Will you be using a "confidence monitor" (downstage screen for presenters) at your session, or will your presenters have a tablet (iPad) to view Q&A submissions? If so, would you prefer that your presenters only see suggested/approved questions on that confidence monitor or iPad? A great way to arrange this is to have your AV company setup that computer (connected to the confidence monitor) to be logged in as a moderator in the Conferences i/o app, where the list of questions is filtered on "Saved" and "Oldest First" for display on that screen. The AV technician can 'zoom' the browser view to enlarge it. If using an iPad, login as a moderator. Then have your in-room moderator use their own laptop (or tablet), and they can click the 'red heart' on the questions that he/she feels are the best candidates for the presenters to consider addressing.