Polls are the foundation of the audience response capabilities of the platform, allowing moderators and presenters to gather information from and interact with attendees and c


Create a new poll 

  1. Sign-in to a Session as a Moderator

  2. In the Polling area, click Create

  3. Enter a poll question and optionally include extended information

  4. If specified on the session, select the appropriate Field of Study

  5. Optionally, add an image to the poll by checking the Add an image to this poll box and clicking the upload area

    Attendees will see the image within the poll area:

  6. Select the type of poll to use and set poll type-specific settings

    Note: Each poll type has a distinct set of configurations and settings. See Types of Polls for more detailed information.

  7. Choose whether or not to display results on attendee devices

  8. If using presenters in the session, select an option for assigning the poll to a specific presenter

  9. Click Save to create the poll

Copy an existing poll from another session

Existing polls within the same app can be copied into the current session.

Note: When using unique moderator passwords, moderators can only copy polls from sessions that have the same moderator password assigned. To copy polls from those sessions, an administrator must remove the unique password, copy the poll, then reconfigure the unique password on the session.

  1. Sign-in to a Session as a Moderator

  2. In the Polling area, click Create

  3. Scroll to the Advanced section at the bottom, then click Copy Poll from Another Session

  4. Under Choose a Session, select the source session containing the poll to copy

    Note: To copy a poll from within the same session, select the current session from Choose a Session list.

  5. In the Choose a Poll section, select the poll to copy

  6. Click Copy Into This Session

Use the Special Multiple Choice Creation tool

Multiple choice polls can be created quickly and efficiently using an advanced tool. For more information, see Using the special multiple choice creation tool.

Edit an existing poll

  1. Sign-in to a Session as a Moderator

  2. In the Polling area, click the poll to edit

    Note: Avoid clicking the lock/unlock icon when attempting to edit, as that will toggle the visibility of the poll to attendees. See Locking / Unlocking Polls for more information.

  3. Click Edit this Poll

  4. Edit the details as desired, then click Save

    Note: If the poll has received responses, the poll type cannot be changed. This will be indicated by a message at the top of the editing page. However, existing answers can be changed and new answers can be added.

    To change the poll type, first click Clear All Responses before clicking Edit This Poll in step 3.