On24 is a popular webcast platform for virtual seminars, webinars and live streaming events. While Conferences i/o is often used during live (in-person) events, it can also be valuable in a virtual settings as well. 

1. In your ON24 account, click the widgets button in the console builder for your webcast / meeting:

2. From the Widget Manager select the URL widget:

3. Click the Settings gear on the URL widget > select Configuration:

4. Enter the URL for the Conferences i/o session that you will be using. Make sure to also select the Open in console option:

5. Rearrange / resize your widgets within the console builder. In this example we are also going to display PowerPoint slides and a video stream: 

We recommend positioning the Conferences i/o widget horizontally along the side of the screen. This will provide attendees with an experience similar to using Conferences i/o on a smartphone and will allow them to participate while maintaining view of the slides / video.

6. You're all set! Here's an example of how the platform will look for attendees during the webcast. 

Advanced Tip:  We have a special "theme" specifically for embedding Conferences i/o into webcast platforms which will hide the header section, menu icon and "sign in to moderate" button, resulting in a cleaner experience for virtual attendees. The image above shows the difference (embedded theme on the right side).

To use the embedded theme, add "/?theme=cnf-embedded" to the end of the session URL in step #4. 

So, if the session URL is "https://on24test.cnf.io/sessions/c6s3/" ....

Then the URL we will insert in step #4 is "https://on24test.cnf.io/sessions/c6s3/?theme=cnf-embedded".