As of October 2021, the most current version of our Windows PowerPoint Add-In is 2.017 (which shows as "" under the Help button of the Conferences i/o menu). 

Release Notes

Windows PowerPoint Add-in version 2.017 (October 2021)

  • Fixed issue with some versions of PowerPoint where live content slides would fail to respond to keyboard input.

Windows PowerPoint Add-in version 2.016 (March 2020)

  • Fixed issue with "Swap Display" button not being respected, resulting in live content appearing on the wrong screen during a slideshow.
  • Fixed issue that would prevent live content from displaying when going back a slide during an active slideshow.
  • Fixed issue with 'cnf' rectangle shapes not displaying live content in the appropriate space.
  • Other stability & reliability improvements. 

Windows PowerPoint Add-in version 2.014 (August 2019)

  • External displays or projectors would occasionally cut off the Conferences i/o overlay (it would not appear in the correct position). This was caused by Windows display scaling settings. This has been fixed in this version.

Windows PowerPoint Add-in version 2.011 (August 2018)

  • Bug fix: The Add-In would fail to load when digitally signed macros and trusted publisher settings were required for all PowerPoint Add-Ins. This has been resolved.
  • Bug fix: the Universal installer would sometimes incorrectly install the 64-bit Add-In on a 32-bit version of PowerPoint (or visa versa). As a result, the Add-In would fail to load or work. The Universal installer has been updated to correctly identify the 32-bit vs 64-bit version of PowerPoint. 
  • Bug fix: When inserting a slide code via the Add-In's ribbon, two "<cnf>" tags would be added to that slide's slide notes. While harmless, this bug has been resolved.
  • Current Bug: the "No Admin" installer still requires Windows administrator rights to install on a Windows PC. This is being address. In the meantime, our 2.007 NoAdmin is the fallback.

Windows PowerPoint Add-in version 2.010 (May 2018)

  • Bug fix: after starting slide show mode in PowerPoint, if you attempted to change Display Settings via PowerPoint (e.g., swap primary monitor), doing so would often cause live content slides to fail to display poll results. This has been resolved.
  • Network Connection Error issue: at some resorts and venues, the network firewall is configured to block 'ping' traffic which our add-in normally uses to confirm there's a working Internet connection. If ping is blocked, our add-in will assume there's a network connection error even though that might not be true. With this update, the warning screen will now inform the user that they can uncheck the "Use ping" setting to resolve the issue.
  • New Setting "Show loading indicator": When PowerPoint is in slide show mode, there are normally two brief messages that flash on the screen before poll results appear when advancing to a live content slide. You can now suppress the "Loading..." screen by unchecking this option via the Settings button. See screen shot below.

Windows PowerPoint Add-in version 2.007 (

  • Bug fix: if two or more PowerPoint files are opened on a computer at the same time, there was an issue where live content slides might fail to unlock polls correctly. 

Windows PowerPoint Add-in version 2.006

  • "Manual Advance" functionality was made available in beta.

Version 2.005 and prior

  • Possible error message when opening PowerPoint files saved to a network drive, but does not impact performance of the Add-In. We are investigating.
  • Issue with new "manual trigger" functionality related to countdown timers.

Version 2.003 and prior

  • Error message when adding an individual live content slide using the "Insert" button. Fixed in version 2.005.