New for 2018 is a feature where you can add "agenda-only" sessions to your app's home page. This is helpful when you'd like to show meals, coffee breaks or any other agenda item that won't need audience participation with features like polling or social Q&A. 

Note: This article is for those with a multi-session app. If you have a single session license, you can't create sessions. Please contact us at if you're interested in upgrading to a multi-session app. 

Below you'll find a sample screen shot which features several agenda-only sessions for things like when registration opens, when lunch begins or when there will be an afternoon break.

These sessions are intentionally greyed-out and unclickable as they are meant to be informational only. 

To create an agenda-only session, do the following:

  • Sign in as an Admin to your app and visit the Admin area; then choose Manage Sessions
  • If the session already exists, click "Edit" to edit that session and skip to the last bullet point. Otherwise, click Create a New Session
  • Populate fields like "Name of Session", "Date of Session", etc., with the desired information for the session.
  • Scroll down near the bottom of the page to find a check-box for "Yes, this is an Agenda-Only Session". Click that and Save the change.

Repeat the steps above to establish any other sessions as "agenda-only" sessions.

Are you using Bulk Import to create sessions? Currently, there's not a way to mark sessions in the bulk import spreadsheet to be 'agenda-only' sessions. However, it can still save you time to bulk import those sessions and after the import is complete, just edit those sessions and click the check-box for Agenda-Only.