The simplest way to revoke consent for a specific attendee is for the attendee to take that action directly. However, as an administrator, you can withdraw consent on behalf of an attendee.

1. Go to your Conferences i/o App's administrative dashboard.

2. Scroll down to "Manage Users" under the "Advanced Tools" heading.

3. Find the attendee amongst the full list of attendees.

4. In that attendee's row, click on "Revoke Consent".

5. Confirm that you want to revoke this attendee's consent status.

Upon confirmation, Conferences i/o will immediately remove the attendee's profile. A note will be saved to an internal activity feed that consent was revoked, as a record that an action occurred. No identifying details about the attendee will be recorded in that note.

Please note that the attendee's data will persist in backups until that backup falls out of rotation (typically 7 days).