Before the meeting or session, introduce attendees to Conferences i/o and invite them to start asking questions in advance. Use the sample email below as a template or as an inspiration when creating your own invitation:


Thanks for accepting the invitation to attend [SESSION NAME] on [DATE/TIME].  Throughout the session we’ll be using Conferences i/o to help us interact through live polls and Q&A but I’D/WE’D also like to invite you to submit questions ahead of time. 

To send your questions, please go to [LINK TO YOUR SESSION IN CONFERENCES I/O] and click ASK

Tips and Reminders
  1. Questions can be submitted anonymously
  2. Visit [LINK TO YOUR SESSION IN CONFERENCES I/O] before and during the session to review and upvote the questions others have submitted. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to [NAME] at [EMAIL].