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We’re going to be using a really cool product called Conferences i/o that will allow you to interact with speakers during our event!


Using any mobile device (smartphone,tablet, laptop, etc.) you'll be able to easily participate by going to a simple website at xxxxxx.cnf.io. This URL will be shared at the event so no need to memorize it. But you're encouraged to bookmark it for easy access later on.


The Conferences i/o app will allow you to ask questions and up-vote questions other attendees ask during Q&A, as well as respond to polls when they appear on your device, all in real time!


When you visit the website noted above, you'll see a list of sessions sorted by date and time. After choosing the session to participate in, you can quickly use the ASK button to anonymously submit questions to speaker(s). From that same screen, poll questions will appear automatically when a presenter is ready to poll you with an interesting question. Poll results will be displayed in real time on the projector screen.


If you'd like to watch a brief (<2 minute) video to see this in action, please click below:


[INTERNAL NOTE: Provide just one of the following, based on the Conference i/o features you are using]:

Conferencesi/o Attendee Instructional Video (all 3 features: Q&A, Polling and Evals)

Conferencesi/o Attendee Instructional Video (Q&A and Evals only)

Conferencesi/o Attendee Instructional Video (Q&A and Polling only)

Conferencesi/o Attendee Instructional Video (Q&A only)


We think you'll really enjoy this new tool during our event!