When using Social Q&A in a meeting or event, you can enable a profanity filter which will block questions or posts that contain profanity. The profanity filter matches against a pre-defined library of terms.

An attendee is shown a simple message indicating that profanity is present, and the question will not go through until profanity has been removed. 

To enable the profanity filter, choose the session that you would like to have it applied to (if you have our Single Session app, please disregard this step). After visiting the session, click on the Sign in to Moderate button and then visit Session Settings. Choose the menu option for Enable/Disable Features.

Next, you should see Q&A Profanity Filter in the list along with the status of whether it is currently disabled. Click the small padlock once to enable the feature. Repeat this process for any other sessions where you would like the profanity filter enabled.

Note: It is not currently possible to add terms to the profanity list. Also, this feature is not currently available in the Bulk Update Feature Settings screen but look for it soon.