View Check-Ins In Your Web Browser

You can view check-ins for any session right from the Administrative area of your Conferences i/o App. To do so:

1. Click on Manage Sessions.

2. Find a Session for which you would like to review Check-Ins.

3. You'll see a 'Check-Ins' designation for any sessions where check-ins have been recorded.

4. Click on the Manage link in the "Attendance" column.

At this point you will be redirected to a screen where you can view all of that session's check-ins. 

Download a Raw Format Comma-Separated Value Report

There are two options for downloading a report of check-ins. 

For convenience, both reporting options are delivered as flat CSV files, typically suited for import into other systems.

What's in the CSV report?

The CSV report includes check-in time, check-out time, all of an attendees details (name, email, etc), the session name, and calculated values like the time the attendee spent in the session.

Option A: Download for a Single Session

From the Mange Sessions screen, click on the "Manage" link underneath the Check-Ins column for any session. This brings you the Session Attendance page where you can see all  check-ins for a single session.

On the Session Attendance page, look in the right sidebar for the "Download CSV" button underneath the "Export Data" heading.

Option B: Download for All Sessions

From the administrative area in your Conferences i/o App, look for the "Attendance Tracking" heading and then the "Export All Attendance Data" button.

The format of the all-sessions CSV will be identical to Option A, except of course that it contains all sessions instead of a single session.