Attendance tracking reports include the following:

  • Session title
  • Attendee identification (name, email, etc.)
  • Time stamps (check-in/check-out)
  • Total minutes in session
  • Percentage % of polls responded (does not include Brainstorming poll responses)
  • Qualifying credit totals

Track attendee info and check-in / check-out times in the browser  

  1. Sign in as an Admin

  2. Click Manage Sessions
  3. In the Attendance column, select Manage for the session to review
  4. Review the information

Export an Attendance Tracking report for a single session

  1. Follow the steps for reviewing information in the browser above

  2. Click Download CSV in the right hand sidebar; if the sidebar is not visible, click the Show Sidebar button

Export an Attendance Tracking report for all or multiple sessions

  1. Sign in as an Admin

  2. Under Attendance Tracking, click Export All Attendance Data
  3. To download all available attendance data, click Download All Attendance Data

  4. To filter attendance data to include only specific dates, specify the dates then click Download Filtered Data to CSV