Designed specifically for conferences, the Streamlined Mode is a direct replacement for post event CE forms. Attendees can use their mobile device to self report each of the sessions they attend during a conference. Attendees can self-report their attendance at their own convenience -- as soon as a session ends, at the end of each day, or at the end of the entire event.

When this mode is enabled in the app, attendees will see a menu choice labeled as "Your Check-Ins". 

Note: If you do not have the MENU button in your app, please contact us at  to have it enabled.

TIP: We recommend making several announcements throughout your event to remind attendees to click on this option. 

Adding Session Check-Ins

When an attendee chooses this menu choice, they will see the option to update their information as well as a link to "Add a Check-In". We recommend that attendees be instructed to provide the requested identification information (see our getting started article and "step #1"). After attendees have entered their name and email, etc., they can use the "Add a Check-In" button to designate which sessions they attended for CE credit.

The Add a Check-In button brings attendees to a page with all of your event's sessions.

From the Add a Check-In page, attendees can find a session to check into, and then confirm that check-in.

After adding the session the check-in will be displayed back on "Your Check-Ins".

Attendees can add additional check-ins as needed.

At any time, attendees can also click the "Send Now" link to receive an emailed receipt of their current list of sessions attended.

Using a Mobile Event App? Many of our customers integrate their mobile event app with Conferences i/o. You might consider adding a menu choice in your event app for "Claim your CE Credits" (or something similar), which points to a URL like this one:  (replace 'myapp' with your Conference i/o app name).