Designed specifically for conferences, the Streamlined Mode is a direct replacement for post event CE forms. Attendees can use their mobile device to self report each of the sessions they attend during a conference. Attendees can self-report their attendance at their own convenience -- as soon as a session ends, at the end of each day, or at the end of the entire event.


Attendee View

When this mode is enabled in the app, attendees will see a menu choice labeled as "Your Check-Ins". 

Note: If you do not have the MENU button in your app, please contact us at  to have it enabled.

TIP: We recommend making several announcements throughout your event to remind attendees to click on this option. 

Adding Session Check-Ins

When an attendee chooses this menu choice, they will see the option to update their information as well as a link to "Add a Check-In". We recommend that attendees be instructed to provide the requested identification information (see our getting started article and "step #1"). After attendees have entered their name and email, etc., they can use the "Add a Check-In" button to designate which sessions they attended for CE credit.

The Add a Check-In button brings attendees to a page with all of your event's sessions.

After selecting the sessions to add, attendees can also choose to report partial attendance if the attendee did not stay for the entire session (arrived late, left for a call, etc).

Important Note: For this option to be available, a session must have a date, start time, and end time

Reporting partial attendance

To do this, attendees will click on the box next to Report less than full credit (partial attendance) and then can adjust the minutes based on the time actually spent in the session by moving the round button on the slider bar. The slider moves in increments of 5 minutes, and will max out at the length of the session (in this example the session was 30 minutes long).

After making missed time adjustments, if necessary, attendees can then confirm that check-in.

After adding the session the check-in will be displayed back on "Your Check-Ins" page.

Attendees can add additional check-ins as needed.

Send a receipt

At any time, attendees can also click the "Send Now" link to receive an emailed receipt of their current list of sessions attended.

Using a Mobile Event App? Many of our customers integrate their mobile event app with Conferences i/o. You might consider adding a menu choice in your event app for "Claim your CE Credits" (or something similar), which points to a URL like this one: (replace 'myapp' with your Conference i/o app name).