It is often very desirable to show or reference an image as part of a poll question. While we don't currently offer a way to show an image or picture at the same time with Live Poll Results (i.e., chart results and an image simultaneously), there are some different strategies you can use when you need to reference a picture or image as part of a poll question.

Option 1 - Show Images Before the Poll Question Slide

Strategy: Show a slide with images and captions just before the Live Polling slide. 

Using the following as an example, create a PowerPoint side that features the image(s) and then create a corresponding poll question in Conferences i/o that asks users to choose "Image A", "Image B" or "Image C". Users will need to remember their answer before the presenter advances to the Live Content slide for voting.

Pros: easy to implement. Cons: the images aren't visible when poll results are displayed.

Option 2 - Upload Image and Make it Appear on Attendee's Devices

Strategy: Use the "Extended Information" box when creating a poll question so that attendees can see an online image on their mobile device while voting. 

Here's a sample screenshot of a poll question on a smartphone which shows an image:

This can be a really effective way to reference a single image with a poll question. However, please note that you can only show one image with this strategy. 

Here are the steps to accomplish this.

  1. Acquire an online link for the image. If the image already exists on a website somewhere, you can usually make use of it (unless the image is behind a paywall or login requirement). 
  2. Create (or edit) your poll question, and use the box entitled "Extended Information (optional)". See the screenshot below as an example. Note the long URL for the image that is part of the HTML line of code. For readability, I have shortened the example that follows, but it is critical that you start with <img src = "  and that you end it with  ">

    <img src = "">

After creating or editing your poll question to have an image, to test the result, unlock that poll question and test it from a mobile device (e.g., your smartphone).

Pros: the image is visible to attendees while voting. Cons: this is harder to implement than 'option 1'.


  • If you need to get your image uploaded so that it is online, you can use our "Upload File Assets" feature to do so. See this short video for a walk-through. To access this feature in your '' app, use the following URL as a template but just replace 'xxxx' with your app's URI. Example: 
  • If the image is already available on a website or via a Google search, the Chrome browser and Firefox browser offers a feature to make it easier to acquire the image address. With those browsers, you can do a right-click on the image and choose Copy image address to acquire the needed URL for the image. See sample screenshot below.