The following feature is not enabled by default in new apps. Please contact us at if you'd like this feature turned-on for your app (there's no charge). 

It can sometimes be advantageous to show a different logo (e.g., a sponsor logo) in a specific session. When configured, the default top logo will be hidden and your new (sponsor) logo will appear instead.

For example, you can have a top logo in the app like this:

But for a particular session, perhaps you want a special sponsor logo to appear. You can do so and it will replace the usual top logo:

As long as the feature called Session Specific Branding has been enabled in your app, here's how to configure it.

Steps to Follow

  1. Visit the Admin menu and choose Manage Sessions
  2. Click the Edit link to edit the particular session where you'd like to set unique branding
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green button entitled, Update Custom Session Branding

  1. On the custom branding screen, you can use the Choose File button to select your desired logo or graphic.
  2. You can optionally set a preferred background color for this top area. For example, #fff will be white while #000 will be black.
  3. Click Save when done.

To test the results, start from the home page and choose that session.