The Conferences i/o Attendance Tracking feature solves a major pain point for event administrators. Instead of relying on paper sign-in sheets or forms to track CE attendance, our Attendance Tracking functionality provides an easy to use digital replacement to those manual methods, saving administrators countless hours and headaches while keeping the process simple for attendees.

If you have a need to track Continuing Education (e.g., CME, CPE) credits, we offer multiple modes to handle the most common use cases that we see for events like seminars, training courses and conferences. 

Self Check-in Mode - Works for all live CE Program use cases. Learners use their own mobile device to check-in when they enter a session or course and check-out when they leave. Timestamps are captured at each step. The Self Check-in mode is an especially great fit when utilizing the other engagement features within Conferences i/o such as Social Q&A, Polling or Session Evaluations.

Kiosk Mode - Designed specifically for courses / seminars, the Kiosk Mode is a direct replacement for paper sign-in sheets. A Kiosk device (laptop or tablet) is provided in the room for attendees to use to sign in / out. Administrators can even import lists of registered attendees ahead of time so registered attendees can simply find their name on the list and check in with a single click / tap.

Streamlined Self Reporting Mode - Designed specifically for conferences, the Streamlined Mode is a direct replacement for post event CE forms. Attendees can now use their mobile device to self report each of the sessions they attend during a conference. Attendees can self-report their attendance at their own convenience -- as soon as a session ends, at the end of each day, or at the end of the entire event.

Please see our Getting Started / Basic Setup article for next steps.