If you know who will be attending a session, you can pre-load attendees for Session Kiosk mode. Your pre-loaded attendees will appear in the Kiosk list, which can make it easier and faster for attendees to check into the session.

You can use any spreadsheet with attendee information and then map that attendee data into Conferences i/o.

Here's how:

  • Visit the Manage Sessions¬†choice from the Administration area of your app
  • Under the ATTENDANCE column, click the Manage link for any session where you'd like to import attendees

  • On the Session Attendance page that appears, look toward the bottom-right for the button labeled Upload Attendees and click it

  • On the screen that appears, you can either Drag & Drop your Excel file into the box, or you can click inside the box which will launch a File Open window

  • After choosing a file, you'll arrive to a screen for Mapping Attendee Fields.¬†

  • Use the drop-down choices on the right side to match which columns from your Excel file have the information that corresponds with your currently defined Attendee Identification fields (learn more)

  • After designating your field mappings, click Add Attendees to upload your list.

When complete, the Kiosk page for your session will now display the name of all registered (pre-loaded) attendees!


  • You can use either an XLS, XLSX or a CSV file for the import.
  • We recommend having separate First Name and Last Name columns in your import file.
  • By default, this feature assumes that the first row of the spreadsheet has a header to identify the column names. If it doesn't, be sure to UN-Check the option for "First row are header columns" before importing your list.
  • If you use the "Overwrite" option, it will erase (clear) any prior check-in data.