It's often desirable to hide the Polling functionality from moderators who haven't been trained on the Polling feature and/or who just don't need to see it. The Q&A Facilitator role solves this problem by providing a moderator experience for just Social Q&A.


Enable the Q&A Facilitator Role

  1. Sign-in to the Admin panel

  2. Under Advanced Tools, click Advanced Settings

  3. Check Make Q&A Facilitator role available to enable the role

  4. Click Save

Set Q&A Facilitator Password

When the Q&A Facilitator Role is enabled in the app, set a unique password for this role to share with moderators whose only job is to manage Q&A in a session. 

  1. Sign-in to the Admin panel

  2. Click Shared Passwords

  3. Set a password in the Q&A Facilitator Password field

  4. Click Save

Signing in to Q&A Facilitator Mode

On any device, click Sign in as Admin or Q&A Facilitator, but instead of entering the admin password, put in the Q&A Facilitator password.

Note: Alternatively, particularly for organizations with SSO enabled, the Q&A Facilitator can be used in place of the moderator password when signing-in to the session as a Moderator.

When successfully logged in as a Q&A Facilitator, a message confirming the login and scope will appear at the bottom of each session page.

After signing in with the special Q&A Facilitator password, that device will stay logged in under that special mode and moderators can more easily move around to the different sessions in the Conferences i/o app, and they are never prompted to re-sign in with a moderator password again.

Signing out of Q&A Facilitator Mode

Once signed-in with this mode, users will automatically returned to Q&A Facilitator mode when re-opening the website.  

To truly logout (sign out) from this mode, add /admin/logout to the URL in browser to force a logout.

Q&A Facilitator Mode Restrictions

  • The polling feature is intentionally hidden from this role, which means that a Q&A moderator can't interact with polls.
  • This feature is ideal when using a device for Q&A moderation only.