Would you like to feature a Google map in your app so that attendees have a nice visual to your event's location or venue?

Here's how to do this.


The Google Maps website offers an option to create an Embed link or you can use a 3rd party site like www.embedgooglemap.net to create one. The latter is easier.

  • Visit either https://maps.google.com or EmbedGoogleMap.net and search for your address or venue
  • If you use Google's site, click on the SHARE button followed by a click on "Embed a map" (Note: if your address goes missing when you arrive to this page, try the embedgooglemap site instead).
  • If you use the embedgooglemap.net site, click the button for Get HTML-Code
  • In your app, visit the Admin area and choose Page Management
  • Click to Create a Page. Give it a name (e.g., Map)
  • Choose "HTML Content" as the type of page and click on Create Page
  • In the editor window, the first button on the toolbar will switch the editor into HTML source code mode. Click </> to do this.
  • Paste in the HTML code from the map website and click SAVE.

See the following screen shot samples for reference.

Google Maps Website

Be sure to click SAVE when done.