Note: Attendance Tracking is an Add-On feature. If you do not see menu choices under the Admin area for Attendance Tracking and/or for 'Certificate Configuration', please contact your account manager if you are interested in this add-on feature, or contact us at if you don't have your account manager's contact information.

Sample Certificate

Before you can give your attendees a certificate for attending, you'll need to configure the certificate settings and the content that will appear on the certificate. 


  • Sign in as an Admin 
  • In the Admin Panel, click Certificate Configuration & Settings in the Attendance Tracking window:

For the Program Name, enter a label that properly describes your conference event. This will appear on the "combined-attendance" certificate only. You can leave this blank if you intend to only issue session-level certificates.

Sponsor Logo

  • You can upload a single logo which will appear toward the bottom left of the certificate (that location is fixed and can't be changed). 
  • To upload a logo, drag a graphic file (e.g., PNG, JPG, GIF) into the box or click inside the box to use your computer's file browser to locate and choose a logo file.

Sponsor Name & Address

  • Specify the Sponsor Name and Address in the fields provided. See the sample shown below. The sponsor name and address will appear just under the logo.


  • Instructional Delivery Method: Under the 'General' heading, specify a line for the delivery method. This will appear on the certificate.
  • Time Statement: Optionally, specify a line for the Time Statement. This will usually appear as one of the last lines of text in the middle of the certificate.
  • Type of Credit: by default, the certificate will use the label of CPE when listing credits earned. To change this to another label (e.g., CME, CLE, or CE), enter your preferred label.


  • If you need to specify a NASBA registry number, enter that as indicated in the screen shot above. This will appear in the very bottom left corner of the certificate.


  • Under the Signature heading, specify a full name which will be automatically stylized like a signature. This appears in the bottom right corner.
  • There are fields for text to appear below the signature, however as of the time of this article, these do not currently appear on the certificate.

Email Certificate Delivery

  • If you would like to email certificates to attendees directly from Conferences i/o, you'll need to configure the Email Certificate Delivery settings as shown below. If you don't plan to email certificates from Conferences i/o (i.e., you plan to download them and manage it in another way), you can disregard the Email settings.

  • Using the above as a sample, specify values for the Reply-To email address so that recipients can easily reply back to the email if needed.
  • Specify a desired Email Subject Line and a Message Heading line, and finally enter a desired email message in the box specified.
  • Click Save when done.


Update Sessions to add Fields of Study and Credits (must do this step to get credits to show up on the certificate as well as in which fields credit was offered)

NOTE: You can revisit these settings at any time, and any changes will be immediately recognized and used if you send or download certificates.

To see a preview of the certificate, visit Admin -> Manage Sessions. Look for a session that has at least one CHECK-IN recorded and click the Manage link. Under the 'ACTIONS' heading, you'll see a button for Preview Certificate.