This article will cover the basic configuration of the certificate feature for Attendance Tracking. 

Note: Attendance Tracking is an Add-On feature. If you do not see menu choices under the Admin area for Attendance Tracking and/or for 'Certificate Configuration', please contact your account manager if you are interested in this add-on feature, or contact us at if you don't have your account manager's contact information.

Sample Certificate

Before you can give your attendees a certificate for attending, you'll need to configure the certificate settings and the content that will appear on the certificate. 


  • Visit the Admin area of your app. 
  • Under the heading for Attendance Tracking, choose Certificate Configuration & Settings

For the Program Name, enter a label that properly describes your conference event. This will appear on the "combined-attendance" certificate only. You can leave this blank if you intend to only issue session-level certificates.

Sponsor Logo

  • You can upload a single logo which will appear toward the bottom left of the certificate (that location is fixed and can't be changed). 
  • To upload a logo, drag a graphic file (e.g., PNG, JPG, GIF) into the box or click inside the box to use your computer's file browser to locate and choose a logo file.

Sponsor Name & Address

  • Specify the Sponsor Name and Address in the fields provided. See the sample shown below. The sponsor name and address will appear just under the logo.


  • Instructional Delivery Method: Under the 'General' heading, specify a line for the delivery method. This will appear on the certificate.
  • Time Statement: Optionally, specify a line for the Time Statement. This will usually appear as one of the last lines of text in the middle of the certificate.
  • Type of Credit: by default, the certificate will use the label of CPE when listing credits earned. To change this to another label (e.g., CME, CLE, or CE), enter your preferred label.


  • If you need to specify a NASBA registry number, enter that as indicated in the screen shot above. This will appear in the very bottom left corner of the certificate.


  • Under the Signature heading, specify a full name which will be automatically stylized like a signature. This appears in the bottom right corner.
  • There are fields for text to appear below the signature, however as of the time of this article, these do not currently appear on the certificate.

Email Certificate Delivery

  • If you would like to email certificates to attendees directly from Conferences i/o, you'll need to configure the Email Certificate Delivery settings as shown below. If you don't plan to email certificates from Conferences i/o (i.e., you plan to download them and manage it in another way), you can disregard the Email settings.

  • Using the above as a sample, specify values for the Reply-To email address so that recipients can easily reply back to the email if needed.
  • Specify a desired Email Subject Line and a Message Heading line, and finally enter a desired email message in the box specified.
  • Click Save when done.

NOTE: You can revisit these settings at any time, and any changes will be immediately recognized and used if you send or download certificates.

To see a preview of the certificate, visit Admin -> Manage Sessions. Look for a session that has at least one CHECK-IN recorded and click the Manage link. Under the 'ACTIONS' heading, you'll see a button for Preview Certificate.