The Conferences i/o app offers several different ways to have a sponsor logo in the app. For example, you can use the Branding page to upload a footer logo (which appears on all pages), and/or you can have an extra top image (which is also added via the branding page). But when the need is to have a sponsor logo appear within a particular session, there are two options:

  1. Use a feature called Session Specific Branding. Or,
  2. Use the 'Session Announcement' area.

Using the session announcement box can be an ideal way to add a sponsor logo for a particular session.  The announcements feature in Conferences i/o supports HTML coding and formatting. In the sample below, you'll see a logo along with the text of "Sponsored by" that appears above the logo. 

To duplicate this, visit the option for Session Announcement & Details, which you'll find by going to: Admin > Manage Sessions, then click on Moderate by the desired session. Click the bottom button for Session Settings, and the first option will be for Session Announcement & Details.

Copy/paste the text below and place it into the Announcement box, but change the URL specified in the "img src" line to be a valid URL to the image you wish to show in the app. If you need an online service to upload the image, you can upload the image with our "Upload Assets" feature.

<p  style="text-align: center;">Sponsored by<br /><img  src=""  alt="" width="320"  /></p><style>div#dashboard-announcement h2 { display: none;}  </style>

This is how your screen will look after pasting in the above code:

NOTE: If you want the sponsor logo to be "clickable" (to go to the sponsor's website), use the code shown below instead but be sure to also put the sponsor's website in place of '' that you'll see in the sample that follows.

<p  style="text-align: center;">Sponsored by<br /><a href="" target="_blank"><img  src=""  alt="" width="320"  /></a></p><style>div#dashboard-announcement h2 { display: none;}  </style>