When using Conferences i/o as your mobile event app, it may be desirable to have an Attendance List, Roster, or any list of information easily accessible to attendees. 


  1. Start with a list of names, companies, or other information in a spreadsheet

  2. Select the desired cells and copy them to the clipboard

  3. Paste the information into a free online spreadsheet to HTML table tool like Tableizer

  4. Click Tableize It!
  5. Click the Copy HTML to Clipboard button to copy the HTML markup

  6. Sign in to the Conferences i/o app as an Admin

  7. Click Page Management

  8. Click Create a New Page

  9. Give the page a name, such as Attendees List, choose HTML Content as the page type, then click Create Page

  10. Click the Code View (labeled </>) button to enter code view mode

  11. Paste the HTML markup from Tableizer in the content box

  12. Click Save Page

  13. Navigate to the page to see the result