When using Conferences i/o as your mobile event app, it's often desirable to offer a menu choice to things like an Attendees List, a Roster, or any list of information that you might have in Excel. However, you can't upload Excel or Word files into the app. Is there another option?

What we need is an easy way to convert an Excel list into an HTML table, so that it loads quickly and views easily for mobile users.

Consider the following sample list of Attendee Names in Excel:

Here's how to turn that list into something that looks like this:


  • Select the cells in your Excel list that you want and copy that to your clipboard (e.g., press Ctrl+C on a PC, or Command+C on a Mac)
  • Use a free online converter like this one: Tableizer
  • With Tableizer, you'll paste your cells into the large box provided.

  • Your result should resemble my sample screen above. Next, click the Tableiz It! button.
  • On the screen that follows, you'll see your list in a table along with a large button entitled Copy HTML to Clipboard. Click that button.

  • Next, go to your Conferences i/o app and sign in as an Admin. Visit the Admin menu.
  • Choose Page Management
  • Click the button to Create a New Page and give it a name (e.g., Attendees List) and choose HTML Content as the page type

  • Click on Create Page, and on the screen that follows, you'll see an empty white box with a formatting toolbar just above it.
  • Click the first button that looks like this:   </>
  • Place your cursor into the content box and paste (e.g., press Ctrl+V on your keyboard)

  • Click on Save Page to save your changes.

You can now test the result on your mobile device or on your computer.