Certificates are available as an add-on to our Attendance Tracking functionality. For more information or to add Attendance Tracking to your Conferences i/o web-application please reach out to us at hello@conferences.io or contact your Account Manager directly.


Combined certificates allow Admins to issue attendees a single certificate for an event that was comprised of multiple different sessions or days. Combined certificates include the total sum of CE credit earned at the event as well as a breakdown of the credit earned from each individual session.

Interested in creating a certificate for each session separately? Learn more here 

Create and manage combined certificates 

Review the attendance data for each session within the event and change the status of Eligible For Certificate to No for any attendees that did not meet the requirements to earn credit from the session.

Once you have reviewed the attendance data from each session and made adjustments to credit eligibility for the attendees, click Certificate Configuration & Settings from the Admin Panel.

Enter the name of the overall conference or event under Program Name and make sure all of the Email Certificate Delivery fields are completed.

Go back to the Admin Panel, and click Combined Attendance & Multi-session Certificates:

The Combined Attendance Reporting dashboard displays a summary of all of the sessions that each attendee has checked-in to and the total sum of credits earned from those sessions.

Important Note: Sessions that an attendee was marked as Not Eligible For Certificate will still display on the combined reporting dashboard but will not be included in their actual certificate

Before sending their certificate, Admins can make any necessary corrections to the name and email address entered by the attendee or add any session check-ins they may have missed: 

Send each attendee their Certificate of Attendance

Download or send each attendee’s certificate (PDF) to the email address provided: 

Download or email certificates (PDF) to eligible attendees in bulk: