In some cases, event organizers may want to restrict attendees from checking in early or late, or may want to require an evaluation prior to check out. Conferences i/o's Attendance Constraint options enable organizers to set one or more of these conditions on all sessions requiring check-in.

Note: Attendance Tracking is an Add-On feature. If you do not see menu choices under the Admin area for Attendance Tracking, please contact your account manager if you are interested in this add-on feature, or contact us at with questions about your account.


Default behavior

By default, attendees can check-in to sessions at any time, as long as the session is not hidden. These optional settings modify standard self check-in to block check-in before sessions begin or after sessions end. 

Note these are global settings which apply to all sessions, and that self-reporting and kiosk modes are not affected by these settings. It is not possible to override these settings on a per-session basis.

Limit early check-ins

Configure Check-in time allowance before session begins to limit the time attendees are allowed to check in early to a session. For example, setting a value of 5 will allow attendees to check in up to 5 minutes early. Attendees attempting to check in earlier will see messaging indicating when they can check in.

Limit late check-ins

Set a Check-in time allowance after session ends to limit the time attendees are allowed to check-in after the session ends. For example, setting a value of 10 will allow attendees to check into a session up to 10 minutes after the scheduled end of the session. Setting a value of 0 will prevent check-ins after the end of the session.

Require evaluations prior to checkout

Configure Evaluation Required to require attendees to submit an evaluation before checking out. Attendees who have already submitted an evaluation prior to check-out will not be affected.

Set up Constraints 

  1. Sign-in to the Admin panel

  2. Under Attendance Tracking, click Attendance Tracking Modes
  3. Click Update Attendance Constraints on the right side
  4. In the Attendance Constraints menu, configure one or more settings
  5. Click Save