Use the Raffle Wheel in Conferences i/o to choose a winner at random. Spin the wheel in your browser or project the Raffle Wheel onto the big screen using a Live Content PowerPoint slide. 

1. Sign in as an Admin

2. In the Admin Panel, select Raffles and Giveaways:  

Spin the wheel and view the winner in a browser

Under the raffle name, click Browser: 

The raffle wheel will open in a new tab and begin to spin. After a few seconds the wheel will start to slow down and eventually will stop on the winner's name: 

Project the Raffle Wheel onto the big screen

1. Copy the raffle's Slide Code: 

2. Open your PowerPoint presentation and click the Conferences i/o tab

3. Select Insert Conferences i/o Slide to open the Slide Code window: 


4. Paste the code in the box and click OK

When you're ready to choose a raffle winner, advance to the new live content slide in Presentation or Slide Show mode to spin the wheel.