When tracking attendance for compliance, ensure that data is accurate by using the Bulk Check-Out feature to complete the check-out process on behalf of attendees. 

For larger sessions, administrators can save time by only checking-out attendees that leave early, then bypassing the check-out process at the end of the session entirely in favor of administratively checking-out attendees in bulk. 

Similarly, if attendees forget to check-out at the end of a session, use bulk check-out to ensure that the attendance data is consistent for all users.

Note: Bulk check-out will only affect attendees that have not already checked-out of a session. Attendees with a recorded check-out time via any other means will be unaffected.


  1. Sign in as an Admin

  2. Go to Manage Sessions

  3. In the session’s Attendance column, click Manage

  4. On the left side menu, click Check-Out Methods

  5. If checking out before the scheduled end of the session, use the Set check-out time to session's end time option to use the scheduled end instead of the current time

    Note: The Set check-out time to the session's end time option only appears if the session has not yet ended. When checking out in bulk after the end of a session, the session's end time will automatically be used for the check-out time.

  6. Click Check Out to complete the check-out process.