Brainstorm with audiences or crowdsource ideas using the Brainstorming poll format.  


1. Sign into the session as a Moderator and click + Create

2. Enter the poll question and select Brainstorming as the Type of Poll:

While the poll is open:


  • Audience members can add their ideas and give a thumbs-up to other comments and ideas they like: 
  • In addition to viewing the list of brainstorm ideas on a mobile devices, the list can also be added to a PowerPoint slide using the Live Content Slide generator in Conferences i/o.   

TIP: In the audience view, the list of brainstorming ideas is randomized visible to prevent bias.


  • In addition to the audience view, Moderators can also view the number of likes each submission has received 

  • If needed, Moderators can also delete a submission from the list: 

While we're working to fully integrate the Brainstorming poll into Conferences i/o web applications the following functionality limitations apply:

  • Poll results are not included in the Session Report (HTML) found in Session Settings
  • Attendee participation is not included in the Polls Responded To % in Attendance Tracking data and reports.