By adding your Conferences i/o web-app to a Webex meeting or event, you'll be able to engage attendees without them needing to use a separate device. 

*Please note this option is available for Webex Meetings and Events on Desktop only (Windows and Mac) and the number of attendees who can join the event are based the capacity included in your Webex subscription.  


  1. Start your meeting on Webex and click the Share tab > select Share Multimedia from the menu: 
  2. Enter your Conferences i/o event URL or the URL for a specific session: 
  3. Audience members may see the message below. If needed, tell them to click Continue: 

Your online attendees will then have their Conferences i/o control panel located directly next to the presentation screen. See examples below:

Your attendees can respond to polls... 


Ask questions in real-time: 

And complete session evaluations: