Add audience polling or the Team Battle quiz game to Google Slides presentations using the Conferences i/o Chrome extension.


  1. Download the Conferences i/o Chrome Extension from the Google Play Store

  2. Sign into the session as a Moderator

  3. Click Session Settings

  4. Click Add Live Content to Presentation Slides

  5. Click Download All Live Content Slides
  6. In the Google Slides presentation, click File > Import Slides

  7. Click the Upload tab and select the file containing the live content slides

  8. Select the slides to add to the presentation then click Import Slides 

  9. Drag and drop the live content slides to organize the order of Google Slides presentation
  10. To present, click the dropdown menu arrow next to Present and select Presenter View

Troubleshooting Tip: Double-check that Presenter View has been selected from the dropdown menu. This is necessary in order for the Conferences i/o Chrome extension to work.