Launch audience polls or moderate Social Q&A, Team Battle, and more right from your browser using Google Slides. 

In addition to installing the Slide Creator add-on, the Conferences i/o Chrome Extension must also be installed in order for Google Slides to detect and load your live content slides. 


Go to the Conferences i/o Slide Creator Add-on page in the G-Suite Marketplace and install the add-on. 


If the link above isn’t working, copy/paste the following URL into your browser’s navigation bar: https://gsuite.google.com/marketplace/app/conferences_io/806315220763


To find the Add-on in the G-Suite Marketplace…

  1. Open Google Slides and click the Add-on tab
  2. Select Get add-ons from the menu: 
  3. Search for Conferences i/o using the Search bar and click the add-on: 

  1. Click Install
  2. When prompted, grant the necessary permission and complete the installation process: 

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