Companies and associations using Microsoft Teams can add the Conferences i/o Teams App to engage attendees and enhance the interactive learning experience. 

Add Conferences i/o as a tab in your Microsoft Teams Channel or Group Chats to run live polls, Q&A, quizzes, surveys, and brainstorming sessions alongside your Teams Video meeting. 


  1. Open your Microsoft Teams application
  2. Select Apps in the side menu and use the Search box to search for Conferences i/o

  1. Click Add to Team: 
  2. Select a Team Channel and click Set up a Tab
  3. Enter your Conferences i/o URL: 

  1. Click Save

Run Conferences i/o and Microsoft Teams side-by-side:

  1. Open Settings in Microsoft Teams and check the box for New Meeting Experience: 
  2. To apply the change, restart your Microsoft Teams app

Meeting in Microsoft Teams will now open in a separate window that can be resized to fit alongside the Conferences i/o tab: 

To rename or remove the Conferences i/o tab, right-click the tab and select the appropriate option from the menu. 

Microsoft Teams Administrators can block apps from being added to Team Channels through Permission Settings. Additional details available in this Microsoft Teams support article