Archive sessions along with their engagement data, polls, evaluation insights, attendee info, and more. 

Use the Archive Sessions tool to remove a session from your Manage Sessions page and the Home screen of your Conferences i/o web-application without losing any data or deleting it entirely. 

Archived sessions aren’t deleted and can be restored again at any time.

Pro tip: Archived sessions do not count toward your session limit.

Archive sessions 

Archive an individual session

  1. Sign in as an Admin and go to Manage Sessions
  2. To archive an individual session, click Archive beneath the session’s name: 
  3. Confirm by clicking Yes, archive session(s) 

Archive multiple sessions

  1. Check the box for each session you’d like to archive
  2. Select Archive from the menu that appears above the list of sessions: 
  3. Confirm by clicking Yes, archive session(s)  

Attendees and Moderators won't be able to access a session once it's been archived. 

After a session has been restored, attendees and Moderators can access the session and its contents again through your web-application or by clicking the session's unique URL link. 

Restore sessions 

  1. On the Manage Sessions page, click the Archived Sessions button to view all archived sessions:
  2. Restore an individual session by clicking Restore beneath the session's name OR restore multiple sessions by checking the box for each session and select Restore from the menu: 
  3. Confirm by clicking Yes, restore session(s)