When creating a new session or editing an existing session, you’ll find a variety of settings and custom options available. However, it’s often the case that many of these won’t apply to the session(s) you’re creating.  

Below is an overview of available options:

Session Name, Date, and Time

  • Name of Session: this will appear on the Home page of your web-app. It is also the only required field when creating a session. 
  • Location: useful when creating an in-person or on-site session
  • Date of Session: be sure to enter this info if Session Evaluations are scheduled to open automatically based on the date/time a session is scheduled to end. If the session date is unavailable, double-check the event dates selected on the Event Details page. 
  • Start Time and End Time: similar to the Date of Session (above), it’s important to enter the start and end times if Session Evaluations are scheduled to automatically open based on the date/time a session is scheduled to end.

Learning Objectives 

  • In addition to adding up to 10 learning objectives, you can also have each objective evaluated separately in the Session Evaluation.


  • Session ID: useful for teams that use internal code names of each session. The Session ID will be included in reporting and can only be seen by the Admin. 
  • Session Type: useful for identifying sessions by type or category in reporting.
  • Session Topic: useful for identifying sessions by topic in reporting.


  • Session Moderator Password: by default, a global Moderator password is set for all sessions. (Manage Sessions > Shared Passwords) To set a unique Moderator password for this specific session, enter it here. 
  • Attendee Password: password protect the session by entering it here. Attendees will be prompted to enter the password before they can join the session. 
  • Session Ordering Rank: useful when multiple sessions are scheduled to occur at the same time. Enter the numerical order you’d like each session to appear on the Home page. For instance, to move a session to the top of the list, enter “1” here. 

Should this session be hidden?

  • Check the box to hide the session and prevent it from appearing on the Home page. Sessions can also be hidden and unhidden on the Manage Sessions page by clicking the Hidden/Visible toggle below the session’s name.

Is this session a Q&A panel?

  • Useful for sessions with more than 1 presenter. Checking the box will add the option in Social Q&A for attendees to direct a question to a specific presenter as opposed to all presenters in the session. 

Is this session an Agenda-only session?

  • Useful for Admins who would like to block off time for lunch or breaks in between sessions on the Home page. Agenda-only sessions aren’t clickable but are used as placeholders in the agenda. 


  • Presenters added on the Manage Presenters page will appear here.